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Bloodcrusher by Prince-of-Erebus Bloodcrusher by Prince-of-Erebus

Zaied, Apostle of Khorne, Chosen by Him

 Zaied began life as a chattel-slave herded to a Nephilim dropship and taken from a now nameless planet in non-imperial space.  The Human sub-empire that existed there was a target long ago for its foolish independence from the Imperium had made it weak.  He survived the thirsty rituals of the Red God, and eventually ascended to the ranks of his former master astartes warriors.  He was proven to be a mighty warrior in his training, and noted by his mentors for skill and ferocity.

His first step down the path of damnation was during a battle with an alien species of deathless automata.  While bringing silence to them, after the rest of his companions were lain low he took his fallen segeant’s brass collar and used its magiks to defend against the sorcery before killing the witch.  Upon returning to the Bone Lord’s citadel he was re-issued the brazen trophy, and took part in a dread rite that enhanced its protective powers, and asserted to all his deities’ favour.

 He soon fell on the mechanical junkyard planes of a forgeworld, where his fought against more metal men and slew many.  When he and his companions had spilled all of their oily ichour, he saw a chance to let further blood.  A pack of Bloodcrushers that had spilled into their reality was rampaging by, headed to a field of battle nearby.  With his bare hands he wrestled a bloodletter down from his mount, and slew him with a knife.  Unbeknownst to him however, the rider’s mount did not take kindly to his presence, and in a moment pounded him with a flurry of piston driven hooves.  

 Zaied would have died there, but Khorne had been amused by the man’s enthusiasm for slaughter, and corrupted his champion.  The ruined metals beneath him sank into the earth, drawing all the nearby debris like a landslide, and roiling heat washed over the area as everything was bathed in orange light.  Cacophonic hammerwork, and the grunting of daemonsmiths, as well as the wailing of countless souls lost in the fires of the inferno could be heard, though no man could see.  When the hellforge closed, the daemon lights faded, and only the hammerwork could be heard.  

 A metal hulk then stalked into view of those nearby, its footsteps to sound of pounding metal.  Zaied’s broken body had been replaced with the mechanical components of the Juggernaught, and he had been reborn in its steely flesh, itself still hot from the warp fires.  

Producing his chainaxe, Zaied took to the dying bloodletter, who feebly recoiled from his titanic presence.  With a slight heft to the enormous weapon he let it fall into the body, and its span spread from crotch to chest of the red skinned beast.  In a second the Daemon was gone, drunk up by the runed weapon, which glew with beastial light, and who’s psychic scream could not be heard on the wind, but on the mind.

    With his arming done, Zaied again departed for redder fields.

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BrewBadum Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing creativity and Fantastic kitbashing.
The mech torso and the demon hooves are so Doom and I l love it.
Nice paint job really like that pail red skin.

You've inspired me to add a clan rat commanding atop my abomination sculpt. Thank you friend.
Prince-of-Erebus Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2015
Glad to hear about that inspiration!  I love your interpretation.  Although now I'm wondering: is he going to be riding it, or is he going to be integrated into the beast? 

That's the stitched together bloke, right? I don't know my fantasy very well....  I can't remember if the cyber daemon was a direct inspiration for this model, but I was thinking about it extensively for a while.  You'd be surprised how few results for daemon-robot there are.  Or at least were a few years ago.
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree with minisnatcher, this is insanely well made.
Even though I don´t like Chaos, this is something I could never think of not likeing.
Prince-of-Erebus Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015
THanks, guys!  I have to admit I kinda wanted to hear people say that when I posted this model, because by the end of the project I decided I hated the results! XD  

But then, I'm sure most artists understand the sentiment.
TheBl4ckCat Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah I understand that sometimes you think you could do it better, but sometimes you have to be remembered that what you did is not bad
Minisnatcher Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Great lore awesome modeling there . Blood for the blood god, Skulls for the throne!
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